What is App Store Optimization

29 Jun What is App Store Optimization

So what is this ASO you keep hearing about? Sadly its not some great new movie that is coming where aliens take over the zombie world we live.

ASO or as its actually know as App Store Optimization (Optimisation if you are from the UK) is the process of optimizing your app(s) so they rank higher in the app stores search results screen, thus making you more visible and getting that more important download!

It’s the SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) of the app world!

The goal is very simple, you want to get found when people search, and increase your visible and conversion to downloads, and with out ASO, your app is lost in a sea of other apps ( around 2 million or so ).


Recent updates in the App store

Did you know that just recently apple made a big update to how apps ( specifically  new apps ) are listed when they first get released to the store.


Before this update was made, you use to be able almost guarantee that when you first released your app you would get featured in apps “new” app lists in and around the store, which for the first weeks life of your app gave it a big boost in initial downloads and then assuming you have had the app designed and developed right ( lets hope you spoke to us about making this happen ), the rest would take care of it self with users telling their friends.


Sadly now that is not the case Apple decide manually who goes in these new lists so you really have to be a great app and have some luck to get in this list.. some of our great friends have been able to get featured this way and they are maxing out their downloads as we speak.. its a great results!

Why is ASO important to you and your app ?

After a lot of research and lots of hard work submitting apps and testing.. its said to be that around 60-65 % of apps are found with in the app stores search. And this is only ever going to go up as more and more people get smart phones, tablet sand watches that can browse the app store.

There was a great quote that I read from Kissmetrics, that said


Recently, at Google I/O, Ankit Jain reported that “For the average app, search actually makes up the vast majority of installs.” Simply put, this means that:

If you’re not using ASO to increase your app’s search ranking, you’re missing out on the largest discovery channel available to your app.

This could not be any more true, with today apps flooding the app store and not showing any sign of slowing down, ASO is and HAS to be the most important part of your post app work.


SO this all sounds like you have to have some magic spell to make things happen for your app to get real results in its rankings..


So lets take a quick look at some of the factors that effect ASO, some will seem very obvious as you ready them, but thats really the same when it comes SEO for websites, it makes a lot more sense when you see it wrote somewhere…


So the Main factors to think about when preparing your app for release.

1. Title 

The apps title is a great way to get in  you main keyword to describe your app, its going to be the first thing any potential download is going to see.

Ideally you want to get in your biggest keyword here – but lets keep things real over stuffing the title with keywords is not going to look great, and users will natural see the SPAMMY way your trying to rank… so please do keep it to 3 max.

No one wants to download an app that is called Candy King Sage – the crush for match 3 endless flappy threes 2004 running while keeping track of weight loss


And that leads me to the next part of the title, keep it relevant, like the example above even if it peaks the users interest , will they have a clue what the app really does when they download it, and with most cases they will download, open the app and then close and delete, or even worse head over and leave a very bad 1 star review .


So to sum up, get your keyword in the your title ” Selfie Girlie – Photo editor & Stickers ” but keep it limited and add in your big keywords that you would get your traffic from if you can rank.

2. Keywords

With apple they allow you add in up to 100 characters for your keywords, so make very good use of this space as it soon runs out.

Using sites like App Annie and Sensor tower you can do a lot of good and productive research on other apps that are in your niche and work out how they rank , what they rank for and many other great data that will help you make a informed decision on what keywords might work for you.


Remember keep them relevant to your app, stuffing in keywords like clash, clan, candy, crush is going to do no use for you as apple in the review process remove any keywords they see that doe not deem fit.

One little trick is make sure you don’t have any spaces when you add in you keywords as one empty space equals one character gone out of your 100 you have.


So for example the wrong way to do it 

keyword , keyword ,keyword , keyword ,keyword , keyword ,


and the right way to do it


With this in mind it will give you every possible chance at getting in as many keywords as you can!


That wraps up the taster on What is App Store Optimization and hopefully it has stressed the importance of it for you and your app to be successful in the App store.

One last thing I want to get in is that there are other secondary factors that go with you ASO and is worth taking in to account long term.


1. App downloads

The more downloads you have the stronger your pull is on your keywords – so its a great catch 22 – you need more downloads via your search results, and you get better results on your keywords as you download count goes up!

2. Reviews

Its been seen a lot and off course make sense that apps with 4/5 star ratings will do better with their rankings over apps that have lower ratings.

This is another post in its self, and will be coming very soon to #creativestudio.















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