Three Apps Which Embrace the Power of iOS9 and Force touch

15 Dec Three Apps Which Embrace the Power of iOS9 and Force touch

With the release of every new iPhone OS dawns a fresh playing field in application development. Every new Operating System packs a little more punch than the last, and as such tends to leave behind a generation of applications that are longer up to the required specification. Call it fate, call it karma, call it the most flawless business model of all time – it is what makes Apple the monolithic tech powerhouse it so obviously is.

The newest iPhone Operating System is, believe it or not, the ninth in Apples line of mobile OS. iOS9 was launched alongside the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus (I know, how confusing) earlier this year and has since been heralded as the most sophisticated yet. Working, of course, at its best on the new devices, we will today take it upon ourselves to determine which application updates best encapsulate the force of iOS 9, and why.


Individuals in our line of business thanked the high heavens when Workflow arrived on our laps. Enabling the streamlined automation of pretty much any process, you can stack up your desired shortcuts and place them right there on your home screen with a custom icon to boot. Sound a little complex? Then just tap into the premade flows available via the applications gallery and use those until you get the hang of it! With iOS 9, valuable new functions such as a 3D touch peek/pop, spotlight search and a particularly brilliant Siri reminder tool make Workflow even more transparent then before.


I think it’s fair to say that Twitter are safe as the world’s most popular microblogging platform, though that doesn’t stop them from continually striving to be the best they can be. Their new iOS9 influenced updates are nothing spectacular, though are nonetheless very well thought out. You can now open links within the application itself, as opposed to being directed to Safari, as well as being able to respond to mentions and direct messages via the notifications panel instead of having to venture into the app itself.


Far from being the most exciting application out there, Dropbox is a solid workhorse that has made the lives of many a lot easier since it was launched back in 2007. Enabling the real-time sharing of files between users world-over via cloud storage, the apps new update is subtle yet spectacularly on-point. Embracing the new 3D touch function of iPhone 6s, you can now hold down the app icon on your home screen in order to bring up a menu showing shortcuts to your latest files, offline files, search bar and a quick upload function.

The difference between the best iPhone 6s apps and the best iPhone 6 apps is extremely marginal; though I’m sure none of us are under any impression to the contrary. What Apple is achieving each time they launch a new Operating System isn’t hugely ground breaking on the surface, though down here in the workhouse of cutting edge application development, it’s making a positive impact upon what we are able to offer our clients.

Keeping an eye on what’s happening in the world of the multi-million-download applications enables us to provide an even better service. If you think we’ve emitted any of the more significant updates from our short list then please drop us a comment.



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