We came together for a simple goal to bring our design and passion to the web and give our customers the results they need…

Design is a passion for Dean, from the perfect UI for an app, or game to a super nice clean web site design that gives the user the right deal of look and conversion rate.

Dean Martin

Founder / Designer

If its on a screen it needs coding, Kay has over 15 years of expeirence coding for every device, from websites, apps, games, CRM's, CMS's and anything else you can think of that needs coding!

Coding is a skill to master and Kay surely has!

Kay Leung

Master of Code

If its a poke on facebook, a tweet on twitter, a tap on instagram, Caroline knows who, what, why and when.

She is 110% connected in the social world and can make sure you are too...

Caroline Reynolds

Social Media / Logo Design