Mobilegeddon is your website safe

10 Jul Mobilegeddon is your website safe

A business owner’s main goal for his or her website is to drive leads, draw in customers and of course, spread brand awareness. Now ask yourself this, when you are in need of a certain service or product where’s the first place you go to find it? You pull out your phone and you search for it on Google, and you don’t look through page after page. Chances are, one of those first two websites on that search engine list is going to get your business. This is why, your site needs to be optimized for Google. Your site needs to be ready for any changes that may come it’s way, especially Google’s ever changing algorithm. The latest of these changes deals with making sure your website’s mobile-friendliness.

You can test your site’s mobile-friendliness through Google Webmasters tools . If your site tests positively with Google, then you are in the clear, WELL Done – now go have a cupa tea.


But, if it catches some errors throughout your site you need to consider reaching out to a developer who can fix this issue for you. If you are having this problem, make sure you get it taken care of as soon as possible, as this ‘Mobilegeddon‘ took place on April 21st. You still may have some time to recover, but act sooner rather then later, as you really don’t want to lose a single new client or website lead.

If you are unable to figure out how to fix the issue yourself, then your developer should present you with two different options. He or she can create a mobile version or a responsive design.

Ideally you want to go with the Responsive Web design but lets out line both options so we are all clear we know the different from a Mobile Website and a Responsive Web Site.

Mobile Version

With a mobile version your developer will create a completely separate website from your current version. Your server then detects what type of device is trying to access the website and serves them either the desktop or mobile version. This allows for not only different styles as far as the design of your site, but also completely unique content geared for a mobile user. Pages can look drastically different because there is no connection between this version and the desktop version. This option will be more expensive, as you are creating an entirely new site.

Responsive Design

The responsive version of your website is essentially loading your original website on their mobile device with the use of CSS, the mobile browser styles your website to fit within it’s viewport. A 1000 pixel wide image gets scaled down to the 300 pixel width of your mobile device. A text block that would normally sit beside an image on the desktop version gets bumped below the image so everything can fit within the mobile devices viewport. So imagine your desktop sized website gets squished down into an extremely narrow but much taller version that the user can scroll through on their mobile device. This is also going to save you a few pennies, as you won’t have to have a brand new site created. Simple math, right?

Just touching a little more on responsive sites this is really going to be the best option and future proof your website and business.

With more and more advance ways of handling the way a website reacts to a mobile device its just going to get better and better for the end users experience.

#Creative encourages you to consider the importance of your Google rank and mobile optimisation strategy . If you would like to recover your site from the fallout of mobilegeddon contact us to get started or get some advice.


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