Apple Watch design tips

02 Aug Apple Watch design tips

Here at #creative studio we are always excited when new products come out that enable to enrich peoples lives with more great apps and user experiences.

 Following the launch of the Apple Watch in April, many new apps specifically created for this new
device. Some did well, and many performed terribly.
Invoice2go’s smartwatch app brings something new to the table. After receiving $35 million from
Silicon Valley investors, the Australian company behind Invoice2go was invited to join the Apple
Watch program.

The Invoice2go app give freelancers a simple way to track their hours and create an invoice straight
from their wrist. One feature the app includes is geo-sensing, which sends you a reminder to clock your
hours when you arrive a job site.

The app was displayed at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference this past June and over 1 million
invoices a month are now processed through Invoice2go.
Creating a successful app could change your life. Here are a few tips on making the best app possible:

1. Make it easy to use

Keep the user interaction very simple. When it comes to actions and choices, they should take less than
three seconds and be limited to basic actions, like yes or no and start and stop.
Apple wants the watch to be incredibly user friendly, they favor apps where the user interaction is kept
to an efficient minimum.

2. Watch apps are different from phone apps
Do not try to take a phone app and just transfer it to the watch. Create an app that has components that
work with being on a watch.

3. Create the right design

The smartwatch has a black background, which means getting the correct color scheme is very
important. Consider the brightness of the face and the layout of the screen, remember that designing for
this watch is completely different than designing for a phone or desktop.

4. The companion app

Remember, without an iPhone the Apple Watch just doesn’t work. You must create a just as amazing
smartphone app to complement your wrist watch app. Build off of what you have created for the

5. Deceptively simple

Although you are creating an app for a much smaller screen, the attention to detail is just as important!
Think about what your goal is for the user, decide what is most important and strip away any extra
fluff. You’re working with a relatively new idea, on a smaller screen, while it may appear more simple
it’s going to be harder to get it right.

Try to learn as much as you can about the functionality of the Apple Watch. As developers learn how
to fully access it’s abilities, apps are going to become more effective.

Why not speak to us about having your app created for the Apple watch we would love to give you our thoughts, and where we could take with you.


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