Apple TV Update Ushers in Fresh Possibility

02 Dec Apple TV Update Ushers in Fresh Possibility

Aside from being the least expensive Apple product on the market at the time being, the Apple TV is also probably the most universally appealing and practical. A good looking (obviously) piece of direct-to-TV hardware, the most current incarnation of the series is the first to come ready with its own operating system – ‘tvOS’.

There are a million and one different direction’s we could take a post geared towards covering the new Apple TV in a way that is wholly relatable to and useful for our websites visitors. In this instance however, we’re going to be selfish. So grab a hot drink, buckle in and prepare to read a few hundred words about all of the things that we enjoyed the most when we tried the new Apple TV.

Full App Store Integration

From the very first model of the Apple TV, the app store has of course been an integral constant. However, many deal-breaking UK user features, for example BBC iPlayer, were emitted on the earlier versions – an expected licensing issue which drove many into opting for alternatives which better represented their tastes. With the new model though, many of the apps and programmes previously left out are now available – making for a much more enjoyable experience for non-US users as well.

Games Aplenty

Not everyone out there is a gamer, though it never hurts to have the option of a tapping into a wealth of cutting edge games any time you’d like. The new Apple TV is the best ever for such purposes, which is hardly surprising when you consider that the model is the most powerful and efficient yet with 2GB of ram. Tapping into the Nintendo brainwave, the remote control even comes into play now and then.


The aspect that we probably enjoyed the most about the new Apple TV was the Siri update. We suspect we’re not alone in this? A constant with previous models, Apples near-iconic A.I. user assistant was never really at her best via this platform; truth be told, she was pretty drunk/clumsy. With the new model however, Siri has never been more sober, or helpful. Not only can users now speak to her directly into the remote control, as opposed to the main unit, but she is more contextually aware than ever before. Miss a line or two of dialogue during your Sunday afternoon Netflix binge? No problem, Siri will rewind things and turn on subtitles – and all without you having to scream across the room…

What did you like about the new Apple TV? Comments welcome, debate encouraged!



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